Meet the Minister

Rev Andrew Cunningham is the minister of Orange Uniting Church Parish.

Andrew holds a Bachelor and Masters of Theology from the Queens University of Belfast. Andrew has ministered in Churches in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, The Caribbean and Australia.

IMG_0347Growing up in a united Anglican, Presbyterian and Methodist Church, Andrew is committed to Bible centred teaching and united church initiatives. Andrew has a strong background in Youth and Children’s Ministries having served with the Youth Team on Mission and as Chaplain to a private secondary school in Ireland.

His service to mission in Ireland and the Caribbean demonstrates his transcultural, missional approach to ministry and desire for God’s kingdom here on earth. Andrew is passionate about churches being ready and able to share the love of God and join God in His mission for their locality. Through Andrew’s preaching and leadership, he encourages churches and people to examine themselves and their work and encourages them on a journey of listening to God and seeking His vision for their lives, Church and community.

Andrew is married with two children. The family moved to Orange in 2014 when Andrew was appointed as minister of Orange Uniting Church.



2 thoughts on “Meet the Minister

  1. Hello Rev Cunningham
    My name is Bryn Miller and I’m an former resident of Orange and a former Sunday school member of the Methodist Church back in the 1960s.
    I was reading your website and noticed you were educated in Belfast. My mom was a Belfast lass and a member of the Mount Pottinger Methodist church. My parents were married there in 1941 and their service was conducted by Rev Cunningham.
    My question to you is are you related to this minister?
    My parents and my elder brother migrated to Orange from Belfast in 1951 and lived in Orange until 1971 since then all of them have passed away. I make frequent trips to Orange to visit relatives and friends and still consider Orange as my home.
    I noticed in the death notices of the Sydney newspaper this morning the passing of a Rev Clancy. was he a former minister of the Orange parish?
    Thank you for reading this waffle and stay well
    Kind regards


  2. Hi Andrew. I have met a man on twitter named Rein Zeilstra who is looking for a Christian community that is not biblically fundamentalist, and will make appropriate stands for justice and the common good. I suggested he give Orange UCA try. So you might like to keep an eye out for him. Regards, Brian


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