About Us

Welcome to the website of Orange Uniting Church.

Orange Uniting Church is made up of six churches in and around Orange. In the city there is Orange Uniting Church on Anson Street and St John’s on Kite Street, and in the surrounding country area there is Byng, Forest Reefs, March and Spring Hill.

The churches offer a  variety of options relating to worship – small to large, blended and traditional, and informal to formal.

There is also a selection of activities to suit everybody – Sunday school and other children’s activities, youth group, men’s and women’s fellowships, BBQs, practical expressions of faith, Bible study and prayer groups, sporting activities, concerts, a weekly cafe, Markets on the Lawn and much more.

You can find information about each of these churches and their activities under the ‘Churches’ section of the website.

We believe that God is the God of mission who loves and welcomes all people. We in turn seek to join God in his mission and in loving and welcoming all people.

We would love to see you as we share this journey together.

For more information about the beliefs and practices of the Uniting Church in Australia please visit http://uca.org.au/about/ or http://www.nswact.uca.org.au/about-us/christianity/ or watch this video ‘An Australian Church’.

More videos about the Uniting Church can be found at https://assembly.uca.org.au/weareuca

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