Weddings and Baptisms


Wedding services can be arranged through the Parish Office for any of our Churches. Please call or email to discuss your personal requirements. We have a variety of Churches which range in capacity from approximately 70 to 250 people – so whether you’re looking for an intimate venue for a few family and friends or somewhere to hold a large wedding, there should be something to suit.

We are presently undergoing some changes with our city Churches and we may not be able to offer wedding services at some sites. Please check with the Parish Office as to whether this may apply to the church of your choice.


Baptism Services are held on certain Sunday’s of the month, depending on the Church, as part of the normal service. Please call or email our Parish Office to talk with our Parish Assistant about your particular requirements.



Most of our Churches have halls that are available for hire throughout the year. Sizes and costs vary, depending on the hall and what type of hire is required. Please phone or email the office to discuss your requirements, or use the contact form below.

To  enquire or make a booking for any Church or Hall please fill in the contact form below

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